iClock – Time Clock for Employee Time Tracking

Present day time-tracking remedies can cultivate companywide productiveness. Really number of delivers cost price savings though optimizing personnel productivity along with iClock, the newest and most revolutionary of their World wide web-dependent line of time, HR, payroll, and reward tracking solutions.

iClock extends the normal price-conserving company craze away from decentralized programs to Website-primarily based, hosted methods. Considerably from a physical clock, iClock is a World-wide-web-based tactic to time and attendance tracking that simplifies the payroll method, improves accuracy, and lowers expenditures. Not only does this technology present an progressive option to conventional time and attendance monitoring procedures, but it features genuine benefits about these solutions.

For instance, iClock allows supervisors to see the “in/out” board on their possess Laptop above the Internet. It also features a nightly backup of the day’s labor-tracking data and a entire menu of studies.


Regular time clocks have to have workforce to travel to the locale of the unit, possibly building a bodily logjam that interrupts their workflow. iClock moves outside of this with its Internet-centered strategy, which provides uncomplicated entry from any pc linked to the Net, as very well as from current time clocks, badge swipe readers, and fingerprint visitors.

For the employer, iClock puts an conclude to labor tracking maintenance issues. Some companies retain and hosts iClock on its possess servers and shop all of the knowledge. Not only does this streamline the each day attendance tracking for staff in a place of work, but it is specially hassle-free for nontraditional staff. A traveling salesperson, for illustration, can punch in and out just as effortlessly as her coworker in a cubicle at firm headquarters!

Slicing Costs

Conventional time clock devices entail a sizeable expenditure in hardware and other IT infrastructure, these types of as cables, servers, and networking problems. iClock needs no specific hardware. Updates are automated every single month and are delivered at no more price tag-this in addition to the first cost financial savings above the countless numbers of pounds affiliated with actual physical timeclock buying and set up.

In simple fact, even for providers with card swipes of fingerprint audience as their punch-in mechanisms, the iClock procedure involves no bodily time clock. It proficiently eliminates the high priced intermediary by connecting the card swipe directly to a Pc that is operating iClock.

Performance BOOSTER

iClock results in sizeable personal savings in time as well as cost. When examined from a usability standpoint, iClock demonstrates various efficiency and time-conserving advantages for payroll departments, managers, and employees. Administrators can obtain all time-monitoring information for staff members from a centralized In/Out Board, therefore decreasing administration time and supplying professionals the means to manage overtime and reduce in general payroll prices.

With traditional paper timesheets, someone would have to key in all of the person facts. But with iClock, paperwork is eliminated, and computerized facts visualization is at the managers’ fingertips. They can evaluation a background of skipped and late punches, as well as a entire suite of conventional and ad hoc stories.

Workforce can find from a number of clock-out factors and watch their personal attendance background, which drastically enhances employee accountability.


Various Internet-centered choices for time and attendance tracking now exist on the current market. Oracle and SAP are equally striving to deploy these types of engineering by means of a kaleidoscope of platforms and partners. iClock, on the other hand, is a part of a totally devoted, fully produced application suite that can integrate entirely with HR, payroll, time-off, timesheets, price-tracking, and salary-scheduling remedies. The facts from iClock can be exported into any payroll technique.

Uncomplicated Entry TO Worker Data

Yet another standout aspect of iClock is the vast variety of interfaces it delivers. Other time and attendance solutions ordinarily present one particular or two interfaces to monitor employees’ time. iClock provides numerous alternatives to best in shape your firm’s surroundings. For illustration, a World wide web clock terminal could be readily available at the gate, workplace, or kiosk, and can be configured with a card swipe, fingerprint reader, or keyboard.

To make the experience of a traditional time clock, iClock can also link with any clock and give finish time and attendance functionality. With these choices, the strong functionality may possibly be invisible to the staff, but even now in put for administration, and the charge price savings related with getting rid of the physical time clock nonetheless implement. Quite a few organizations favor these conventional equipment, and what iEmployee presents that competition do not is the economical option of a Personal computer linked straight to them, somewhat than pricey actual physical time clocks.

Efficiency Outlined

iClock provides time administration at a fraction of the price tag of classic solutions. It is equally much more successful and necessitates considerably less cost and effort to maintain—a genuine triumph of engineering.

Contemplating the efficiency advantages of iClock, combined with the strong operation it delivers, this revolutionary and cost-effective merchandise rises to the area as the finest resolution on the current market these days for time and attendance monitoring.


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